Many people may be concerned about AlgaeCal or AlgaeCal Plus side effects, but there has been a seven-year study that has shown that there are no side effects from using AlgaeCal Plus plant calcium. The study, entitled “Safety and Toxicological Evaluation of AlgaeCal” studied the supplement using a variety of tests for dermal irritation, eye irritation and much more. The results showed that no significant toxicities were observed.

If you would like to read more about AlgaeCal and the studies that have been done on its efficiency and safety, you can take a look at the Research page on the website. There is quite a bit of information on that page about the research that has been done on side effects from using AlgaeCal Plus.

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Plant calcium is a much safer option than traditional rock-based calcium supplements that are made from limestone or marble, as it doesn’t cause cramps, bloating, nausea and blocked arteries. When you take too many rock based calcium supplements you are putting ground up stones in your body and this can cause constipation and stomach issues. AlgaeCal is a plant calcium supplement that is much more easily absorbed by your body and does not cause these types of issues.

When it comes to using strontium to strengthen your bones, you might have heard about potential side effects of this mineral. However, the Strontium Boost supplement uses Strontium Citrate (which is safe) rather than Strontium Ranelate (which has side effects).  

Strontium Ranelate has several potential negative side effects, including an increased risk for DRESS syndrome and deep vein blood clots. The symptoms of DRESS Syndrome include fever, rash, liver inflammation and potentially inflamed kidneys or lungs. This is a severe disease and should be treated by a doctor immediately. On the other hand, strontium citrate has been proven to be a natural, safe and effective form of Strontium. There have been no adverse effects associated with the natural forms of Strontium.

AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost have proven to be safe and side effect free!



AlgaeCal is a unique form of calcium supplement. Most supplements for increasing calcium and improving bone health that are currently on the market come from ground up rocks such as calcium and limestone. However, AlgaeCal is one of a kind as it is the first calcium supplement to come from a plant source – which means that there are no negative side effects from AlgaeCal.

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AlgaeCal comes from Lithothamnion Superpositum (or Algas Calcareas as the locals call it), which is an algae that grows in the oceans in South America. The algae absorbs calcium and other minerals from the seawater, then it is harvested, dried in the sun and ground into a fine powder. This makes for a natural supplement that is organic, kosher and very easy for your body to absorb. This natural whole food supplement has been proven to offer calcium more effectively than traditional rock-based supplements in clinical trials.

Another product offered by AlgaeCal is Strontium Boost, which is composed of strontium citrate. It is a similar mineral to calcium and it has been proven in clinical research studies to increase bone density.

AlgaeCal offers a money back guarantee because they are so confident that you will see positive results in your bone density with these products.